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Anything you can do, I can do better in heels

Fitness Flirt
3 October

If spider shows up it means:

This is an opportunity to access your deepest wisdom and assimilate it so that it becomes a part of your daily living.

Beware of any potential traps or ruses that you’re tempted to get involved in.

Rather than staying stuck in this apparent impasse, open your mind to the infinite number of possibilities that are before you, and make a choice.

Don’t limit yourself to the mundane world, but instead be willing to explore other dimensions and realities

It’s time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit allowing yourself to be inspired by nature.

If brown spider:

This is a time to eliminate as much toxicity in your life as possible, in your body and in your relationships.
honor your need for solitude.

Other things to think of (If spider is your power animal):

You tend to have only two speeds: staying relatively still and motionless, or moving lightning fast.

It takes quite a bit to arouse your anger, but once that happens, your sting can hurt a lot.

You’re in touch with and express a very powerful feminine creative force, whether you’re male or female.

You have a knack for writing , with the ability to weave words together in new and creative ways, often affecting others profoundly with their magic.